Mika and I choose Creekside Resort! You should too!

Dog Training RochesterFinding a kennel to take care of my Bernese Mountain Dog was a priority for me. My dog is a family member and when I cannot be with him I need to have peace of mind. I need to know that he is safe, well taken cared of, gets exercise, mental stimulation and a lot of human interaction. Creekside provides all of that and more. The extra bonus is that I not only know but I can feel that Mika is actually happy and having fun when he is with the Creekside Crew!

When Mika was 10 months old and prior to needing to board him for the first time I researched and visited a total of 13 kennels. In my search I found a couple that would “do” but frankly I was not enthused. After seeing the first twelve I was not finding one that would provide everything I was looking for in a kennel. They provided shelter and care and some would suffice yet did not provide what I would call a real positive experience. Plus it irked me that there were so many time limited add-on services with additional costs.

As luck would happen Creekside was my last visit and became my lucky 13! Creekside provides a total package; a total positive experience for my dog. From the moment I got out of the car I knew this place was special and their configuration and philosophy of care makes sense. Everything is dog friendly designed and well thought out to best service both the K-9 visitors’ and their human companions’ needs. As I had at all of the other kennels, I did not see or hear frenetic dogs out of their comfort zone and vying for attention… the dogs at Creekside are quiet and content. They are well exercised and well socialized with human companionship. The staff positively and effectively communicates with each “guest” based on their experience with and knowledge of dogs; their caring, compassion and leadership skills. The dogs respond well to them and to this structured yet understanding environment.


Dog Training Positive K9We can’t thank you enough for the high quality care she receives and the peace of mind we feel when we leave Jasmine in your hands at Creekside. Just knowing she is so well taken care of is such a great relief to us while we are away. From all the walks and exercise she receives to all the play groups and socializing situations she is placed in, she definitely gets more than enough love and attention that tires out even Jasmine! We always look forward to our next visit and as you know, Jasmine starts getting excited when we she realizes where she is after turning down your street and she can’t get out of the car fast enough when we get in the driveway!

We can’t thank you and everyone at Creekside Resort enough for taking such wonderful care of Jasmine. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and all the time and consideration you extend to our family (especially Jasmine!)

Thank you, Tom, Diane, Kyle and Taylor Dacey

Rochester NY Dog Training Gilbert is more excited to go to daycare than stay home-what does that tell you about them?It’s all about Gilbert when he goes! We all have such busy lives these days that sometimes our pets are the last to get our attention. Not at Creekside, it’s what they do, trail walks, supervised play groups and love! I know that everyone treats Gilbert like he was their own. I am so thankful for Creekside, it is such a weight off my shoulders to know that he is taken care of when he is away from home, like he is home!

Kathy and Mike Miles

Dog Training Rochester NYI wanted to thank the both of you for the love and care you give to Jack when he’s with you. I have to admit I have taken Jack to other kennels and have always been upset and worried about him. NOW, Chris and I feel like we are leaving him in the best hands possible when we are going on vacation or just need a day to ourselves. He always seems happy and nice and tired out when we come to pick him up. It just lets us know that he had fun playing with all the other dogs and his walks with everyone.
I always feel a little embarrassed when I tell people about “Jacks Kennel”. I think people think we are dropping him off at a spa, with the fireplace, animal planet on TV, yappy hour with dogs, and the wonderful private rooms with the raised beds.

Oh well, he’s our baby and he loves it.

Sherry & Chris Twitchell