Did you know that there is no formal certification necessary to be come a dog trainer? What makes Positive K9 exceptional is that your dog will receive training from a knowledgeable Certified Master Trainer with over 17 years experience. Positive K9 brings a unique blend of academic training and extensive practical experience to K9 training to the Rochester area.

Melissa graduated top of her class from the internationally recognized National K9 Institute in Columbus OH. Melissa is certified in the following areas in Dog Training; Basic & Advanced Obedience, Breed Identification, Tracking, Puppy Development, Personal Protection, Utility & Detection, Scent Detection, Police K9 and Kennel Management. Melissa continues to work with top trainers in the industry throughout the country and is regularly called upon for new product evaluations. Melissa has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS as well as the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and Rochester Business Journal.

Through experience we have learned that there is not just one method of training that can be utilized in every dog. Instead, each dog’s personality type requires a variation in methods to create a training program unique as the dog itself. Regardless of the training method chosen for each dog, praise and motivation are always utilized as the main focus of training for each and every dog. At no time will the trainer use or recommend hands on physical punishment in any of our training programs. We encourage you to watch us train.